Our Team

image of the staff of Longmont Ortho

What Makes Us An Outstanding Team?

Clear Objectives

Our entire team is dedicated to your care.  We strive to exceed your expectations and to deliver more than promised.  We mutually understand that our goal is to provide beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.

Balanced Roles

At Longmont Orthodontics our team members possess a good balance of skills, abilities and aspirations.  We have a clear understanding of our roles and our part in achieving our overall objective of exceptional patient care and beautiful smiles.

Good Communication

Listening is vital to communication.  We not only listen to each other in order to work effectively, but more importantly to the needs of our patients.


We take our work seriously, but we have a fun time doing it!  Humor eases tension and builds a positive culture that makes us love our job!

Great Leadership

Dr. Venrick is passionate about her work and her team.  She leads by example in her character and work ethic.  Her dedication to her patients and her team is evident in the beautiful smiles that Longmont Orthodontics produces!